Jacob Ward

About Me

My name is Jacob Ward and I am 21 years old. I’m currently studying Sport and Exercise science at Univeristy. Studying Sport Science has allowed me to develop a scientific insight into nutrition & training. I am a fitness influencer and strong believer in the benefits of physical activity.

Exercise is something that I carry out on a daily basis. Being active has been shown to lead to a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits and therefore should be an important element to consider in your lifestyle. Studying Sport & Exercise Science has provided me with a great depth of knowledge in terms of nutrition & training.

I started weight training at the age of 15 in a home gym and then started training at my local gym at the age of 16 up to the age of 18. As a former youth cricketer for Devon and Gloucestershire I was developed a passion for strength and conditioning from an early age.

However, after tearing a disc in my lumbar spine at 18 I was forced to stop training for around 16 months. This time away from fitness allowed me to reflect on the reasons why I was so passionate about achieving my fitness goals and re-lit the fire inside of me. Upon returning to training in late 2019 I began to implement new forms of exercise including HIIT exercise as well as placing a greater emphasis on my cardiovascular fitness with running and cycling. With over 6 years of training experience I have been able to take the lesson’s I’ve learnt alongside my scientific knowledge to create in-depth training plans.

Sharing my fitness passion

I am very passionate about fitness and strive to help people get active. The past year has shown that getting active is something that everyone can do and that it is a very worthwhile endeavour to do so. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, like me, or are just getting started on your fitness journey, I want to help you! Through my time studying at university, I have been able to make training plans based on the science of fitness. I have created numerous plans and have one that is right for you. I also offer, personalised, one-to-one online coaching programmes for those that need a little extra support in achieving their fitness goals.